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        PTFE Oil Seal
        Rubber Oil Seals
        The Stationary
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Tien Vinh Hung Trading and Service Limited Company, which was founded in 2004 (had been known as Tien Hung store), specializes in supplying mechanical seals for common pumps, industrial pumps, chemical pumps, pumps used in food manufacturing and processing, and so on. Our products are used to substitute for the same products made in Italy, Japan, Germany, etc., with equal quality, competitive price and fast delivery. We supply more than 80 kinds with a variety of sizes; Therefore, customers are given a number of choices. In addition, we also provide oil seals and O rings with specialized rubber which can be used in acid, alkaline or high-temperature environment. Besides, we can design products according to customers’ requirements with reasonable price.

For more information about our products, please contact us to get full support.

Our slogan is “Fast delivery, Good quality, Reasonable price.”